It is hard to keep this soft, white bread on the shelves. Straight from the bread bag, on your favorite sandwich, and even your morning toast, it never lasts long!


Sweetened with honey and packed with rolled oats, you don’t have to feel badly while indulging. Goes great with peanut butter and jelly.


Full of essential nutrients, fiber, and a hearty, wheat flavor.


Our custom made herb mix will bring back memories of past Thanksgivings. A smoked turkey sandwich works perfectly!!


Texture and flavor are front and center. Loaded with whole grains and made with 50/50 white and wheat flour, versatility is its strong suit.


Soft, chewy, and full of that earthy, caraway flavor!


With its signature dark color and similar a flavor to our rye bread, this one is unique. A favorite to go along with a liverwurst and onion sandwich you have to try!


With the perfect amount of sweetness and spice, we reserve this one to be sold only by the loaf! With some added wheat bran for texture and added cinnamon, it sure is tasty.


This enriched bread probably does not need much introduction. Soft and slightly sweet, use it to make some of the best french toast you’ll ever have


Crusty and colorful, either take a loaf home to accompany dinner, or change it up and order your favorite sandwich on the closest thing to a sub roll. It really makes a difference!